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John Houston

John Houston

I was born and raised in Nashville, TN. Being able to watch my city grow over these many years is something I take extreme pride in. We all know times change. That is the way of the world and with that change new adventures and challenges await.
Real estate markets fluctuate. There are extreme highs and extreme lows but it always seems to balance out. In 2010, after the worst Nashville flood in history, I bought my first property with my wife, KatieOne thing I have learned is that real estate is always evolving. Learning how the home buying process works was invaluable for us. And in just a few short years that process had evolved when I started helping clients buy and sell their own properties when I became a REALTOR in 2012. 
My family is the primary motivation for everything that I do and the experience people go through when buying and selling is extremely important. The experience is not always pleasant but I am here to help guide those who need guidance. To quote Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb. “The stuff that matters in life is no longer stuff. It’s other people. It’s relationships. It’s experience.” This is where Home Stream Hustle fits in and why I want you to use this resource to become empowered.
Thank you for reading. Please join us and the Home Stream Hustle community today!
 Elliott Thomas

Elliott Thomas

From my hometown of Dothan, AL, I set my sights on Belmont University & Nashville, TN while in high school. In 2004, those dreams became a reality when I transferred from Troy University to Belmont University to pursue a degree in Commercial Music. Though the Great Recession curbed dreams of a career in entertainment, my love of Nashville and its people kept me in beloved “Music City”.
I navigated the muddy economic waters while cutting my teeth in retail sales, higher education recruitment, and digital marketing sales before taking this advice from my mentor: become a realtor! That, I did. And I have never looked back.
I found wild success and unparalleled fulfillment in using my people skills, creativity, fun personality, and customer-service prowess to help my clients win BIG amid Nashville’s whacky, fast, and furious real estate market. I am lovingly partnered to Ryan, father of Buck (german shepard-yellow lab mix), and an identical twin to Evan.  I love karaoke roulette, spicy pork rinds, hot chicken, delicious cocktails on rooftops with friends, and my three adorable nieces.
We sincerely hope you get value from Home Stream Hustle. Let’s make this thing conversational!

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